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Anorexic Beauty
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This website is a pro-ana/mia website. It has been created to help those already inflicted with the hell of an eating disordered life to find acceptance and things to help them in their already difficult life.


We do not support the contraction or attempted contraction of any mental illness. However we also do not belive that you can "learn" to become anoretic or bulimic. These are disorders. These are very deadly disorders.

Anorexia is the second leading cause of death in teenage girls, 15% of all anoretics will DIE.
This is not a safe short term diet.
This is not a quick fix.

This is a death sentance.

You have the ability to express your rights by either leaving this site right now as we strongly suggest if you are not a victim to an eating disorder, or continueing at your own risk.
We will not be held accountable for any reckless actions you take, you are your own person we can not stop you from doing what ever you wish to, and we can not make you do anything either.

Contrary to popular belief we are not a cult. We will NEVER force you to wear red bracelettes, we will NEVER make you starve yourself or purge. In all actuallity we discourage dieters and anyone who comes to us (the online eating disorderd community) looking to lose a few vanity pounds for what ever reason.

We are suffering.
We are dieing.
We are finding comfort amongst eachother in quite possibly our final struggle.


Calories can't make you happy.